How to make a wig look natural?

How to make a wig look natural?




Whether you wear wigs to cover up your hair loss like me, or just because you like experimenting with your look, I think we can all agree that we want our wigs to look real. possible. There's nothing more annoying than someone looking up at your hairline while you're chatting, right?


I know that feeling when I look in the mirror, wondering "how can I make my wig look natural?" I went ! And on bad wig days (my version of a bad hair day), I always struggle. But I found my way to deal with these worries! That's why I want to teach you how to make a natural wig that looks natural. I have years of experience, so let me guide you through my personal wig tips and tricks. Seriously, this is life changing!




Choose Human Hair Wigs





If you want your wig to look as natural as possible, your only option is to buy a wig made from human hair, because even well-made synthetic wigs cannot compare to real hair. There are many advantages to choosing a human hair wig over a synthetic one. Human hair wigs are generally more versatile because you can use heat (using a curling iron / iron) to style your hair in a variety of ways. You want your wig to be 100% human hair, Remy human hair or virgin hair.


The difference between the three is the price and method of collection, and therefore the quality of the hair. Regular wigs are made with hair that has been cut and then tied together on the wig, while Remy hair is meticulously collected to avoid any damage to the cuticle. Pure wigs are made from unprocessed hair, which means the hair cannot be colored, permed, bleached or any other form of treatment. Thus, Remy hair and virgin wig appeared.







Most high-quality wigs have pre-trimmed roots to make the hair look a little thinner and more natural. But if you're trying to upgrade a synthetic wig or aren't satisfied with the amount of pre-wax your wig has, you can try it yourself.


Personally, I don't like pulling my hair out because it's not only a tedious job, but it's also easy to tear the lace or pull out too much. But some people swear by it! Again, a personal choice.


bleached Bleached knots





 When you look closely at the hairline of a wig, you will notice small knots where the hair comes into contact with the lace. For a more natural look, you want these knots to be invisible so they blend into the scalp. This can be done by carefully bleaching the knots. I would NOT recommend doing this yourself unless you are VERY experienced! Because bleaching too much can cause breakage at the root, causing all your precious and expensive hair to fall out! It can also lead to brassy tones or even lace discoloration, if not done properly.


Look for wigs with bleached buttons and always do your research. Read about the brand and research the experiences of people who have purchased their wigs. Because even some brands of wigs have a tendency to bleach the knots too much, and you don't want to figure that out the hard way!



Make sure that the parting is correct







If you are not the most experimental person with styling, don't worry, you can choose a wig with a clip. The good news is that these wigs are usually much higher quality, but they help you get a much more natural look. If the wig doesn't have a good lace at the top, choose a side part because it's much less noticeable. However, there are ways to make the face look more natural - all you need is a little concealer!


Tip: When something seems too perfect and in place, it can throw off the game! To make the wig look natural in the first place, we recommend accepting imperfections - it can help make things look more natural. It's all about finding that balance.


Wear a wig cap. 




For only a dollar or two, you can purchase a wig cap to wear under your wig. This will give your wig a good fit and a more realistic appearance on your head. Use bobby pins to secure the wig to the cap. This will ensure that the wig won’t cause any odd bumps and lumps on the top of your head.








In order to have a wig that looks truly natural, you want to start off with a front lace wig which is made with a high quality lace, like HD lace and it should also be made from human hair because synthetic hair doesn't cut it.

Once you have a good foundation, you use one or many of the techniques above to make your wig look as natural as you want.

What are your best tricks to make your wig look natural? Are there any techniques that we missed? Comment and let us know. 



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