How to cut a lace front wig?

How to cut a lace front wig?



Cutting the lace of your lace front wig is a non-negotiable part of the wig preparation process. Why? This not only makes the lace layer flatter, but also makes your wig more comfortable to wear. If you want your wig to look as natural as possible, you need to be a pro at pre-cutting your lace wig. Many people don't know the first thing about lace cutting, and it's a shame considering how important it is to a seamless, polished result. This article will tell you everything you need to know about how to properly cut a lace front wig.



Tools to Cut a Lace Front Wig






Make sure you have the following tools before you cut your lace front wig: 

  • Measuring tape
  • Clips (Large)
  • Rattail comb
  • Scissors, eyebrow shaper, or razor
  • Mannequin head and T-pins (optional for beginners)
  • Foaming mousse or water
  • White makeup pencil 


How to Cut a Lace Front Wig Step by Step






Step 1:Place wig on top of wig for easy trimming.

A wig head is a shaped tip so you can store wigs or work on them. Putting a wig on it makes it easy to cut the lace.
[1]Put your hands inside the wig with your knuckles and start at the back to pull the wig over your head.

[2]If you use a wig head, it can help to cut the hair back.

[3]If you do not have a wig head, you can hold the wig in your hand when cutting.

 [4] If you have slightly curled roots, you can place the wig on your head to gauge how you want to cut it.



Step 2: Place and adjust the wig to fit your head




Place the 100 human hair wig on your head and adjust the straps on the back of the front wig until it fits your head.


Stand in front of a mirror with a lace wig on your head. Adjust the wig again until the wig's hairline is just slightly in front of your natural hairline. The lace should extend a few centimeters longer than the natural hairline.


 Then, comb your hair with a wig to detangle.



Step 3: Attach the lace on the forehead Adjust the wig until it fits your head.





Secure the lace so that it lies flat on the forehead and make sure the base of the lace is level with the natural hairline.


Place the ruler against the lace in an upright position and place a small dot with a 1/8 inch or 1/4 inch pin up the front of the lace from the reverse side of the lace where the wig and lace meet.


Excess length is left to avoid losing the hairline if the lace starts to fray and needs to be cut.


Step 4: Cut Off the Ear Tabs

.Use the pointed end of a comb or other tool to part the hair just above your ears.

. Pin the hair up, leaving a small clip of the wig over the ear.


.Use scissors to cut around the shape of your ears and remove the clip you've cut, making the wig flat when cut and set.



Final words





Cutting your lace front wig may seem daunting at first, but if you follow all the steps in this guide, you'll be a pro in no time.
We look forward to hearing from you! What is your biggest challenge when cutting lace for wigs? And if you're not a beginner, do you have any tips to share on how to pre-cut a lace wig? Please share your thoughts in the discussion!



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