How to put on a wig with long hair?

How to put on a wig with long hair?






For very long, unruly hair, braid your hair into two French braids that sit tight against the scalp. Cross them at the nape of your neck and secure them at the top and bottom with hair clips. How to do:

  1. Divide hair into two sections
  2. Plait one of the sections, the braid should be firm but not too right.
  3. Secure with a thin hair band
  4. Repeat for the second section
  5. Wrap one of the plaits around the back of your head and bobby pin in place
  6. Wrap the second plait in the opposite direction
  7. If you have longer hair then me, you can continue to wind the hair around the head in circles
  8. Try to avoid overlapping the plaits
  9. Cover hair with a wig cap (we recommend a nylon wig cap rather than a mesh one, as it will help to flatten the hair)
  10. You can add a second cap to help flatten the hair even more
  11. Put the wig on




Wig time! Turn the wig the other way up and positioned your brow in first, pulling the relaxation of the wig back. Notice that in the back of the wig there's a flap – while you pull for your wig, pull this flap over the bottom of your ponytail. This will assist to stable the wig onto your head.


Products and Tools You Need







  • Wig cap that matches your skin tone
  • Wig glue, such as Gorilla Snot or Got2B
  • Hair gel
  • Makeup powder that matches your skin tone
  • Rattail comb
  • Wide-tooth comb
  • Curling wand or hair straightener
  • Bleach powder
  • Developer



How to Make a Wig Fit Tighter





If you find that the wig is too big after putting it on, there are a few options:


Choose the Correct Size

You may have chosen the wrong size wig. Learn to measure your head here.


Adjust Tabs

Secure the tabs inside of the wig cap. They will either have a Velcro or slide adjuster.


Take It In With a Needle and Thread

Like a pair of pants or any garment, you can take in a wig with a needle and thread to make it fit better.


Buy Wig Accessories

Wig caps worn under a wig can make it more snug. Cushion bands or wig grippers make the wigs more secure. 






The concept of setting on a wig can carry tension and apprehension to first time wig wearers. Holding your wig for the primary time, it can appear overseas to you. For girls experiencing hair loss it represents a massive change. Your wig will come up with returned a sense of manipulate in a state of affairs wherein it appears you've got got none. Over time, you can even discover carrying a wig liberating. With this beneficial guide, you'll quickly be setting for your wig like a pro.


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