What is a t part wig?

What is a t part wig?



The t part wig is one of the newest wigs on the market, and they are extremely popular all over the world. Try a t-wig if you want a current and elegant style. T-wig is a new wig we are about to introduce today. Learn everything you need to know about lace wigs.



 More importantly, you will be able to choose better wigs. The T-wig is a lace wig of a T-shaped wig, and it was first developed due to the lack of lace. T-wig wigs are sometimes referred to as lace wigs or T lace wigs. This type of wig has a 13 x 5 inch lace area as its characteristic.





The lace around the edge and in the center of the wig extends from ear to ear, forming an upside-down "T" shape. The lace is 13 inches from ear to ear with a full and natural hairline, like a lace front wig, but not enough lace to split freely (only 1 inch), so you will have to split between. 



T part wig is friendly to beginner.




This wig is made of the same material as a normal lace wig. However, because there is less lace, the hand-sewn area is smaller than on full-frontal lace wigs. And if you purchase your T part wig from https://www.yeahwigs.com/

you may have it made entirely of virgin human hair.







Cheap price does not mean poor quality. The lace T wig has a natural hairline in the front “T” part. You can create the illusion of naturalness like wearing a lace or all-lace wig. In addition, quality T-wigs are made from 100% human hair (Remy or Virgin). So you can style it like your own hair, dye it, wash it or color it.


How to use the T Part wig?





.Make the braid as flat as possible so the braids don't get too loose.

.To protect your hair, put a wig cap over the braids and let it dry.

.Apply a bit of powder to make sure your skin tone matches your skin tone.

.After wearing the wig, you can resize it to fit your head.

.When the lace is dry, trim off the excess. Meanwhile, put a little makeup on the lace to help it blend in.

.To make the wig look more realistic, trim your baby's hair.

.Flatten your hair with an iron. Hair wax is used to make hair soft and shiny

. T-wigs are a wig update that saves time and money by avoiding hand-tied front laces. Our goal is to spend less money on high quality lace wigs, that's why more and more customers prefer to wear T-wigs.











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