How to bleach knots on wig?

How to bleach knots on wig?





Bleaching bleaching is a technique to make a wig look more natural by giving the illusion that it is growing directly from the scalp. When making a lace wig, the hair must be attached to a piece of lace. This technique is called venting, which creates knots. The knots secure the hairs on the lace wig. There are mainly two types of lace wig knots: single knot and double knot. A knot means there is only one hair per knot, and a double knot means there are two or more hairs per knot.



Why We Need to Bleach Knots on a Wig






To make your wig look more realistic, you need to bleach the knots. The knots on dark wigs are extremely noticeable when they’re not bleached, giving away the fact that the wig is not your real hair.

Some people try to disguise the knots with makeup and sprays, but they don’t camouflage wig knots like bleach can.


Bleached Knots vs. Unbleached Knots






 prepare the primary things that you need:

- Quality Hair Bleach

- Professional Developer (20 to 30 milliliters)

- Mixing Bowl (plastic is preferred)

- Measuring Cup

- Applicator

- Gloves

- Aluminum Foil

- Mannequin's head or anything where you can lay the wig

Lace Wig




How to Bleach Knots on human black hair wig?



Step 1: Turn the wigs upside down and pin them to a foam tip
 Flip the lace part of the wig up and attach it to the head with foam. And if your human hair lace wig has baby hairs, secure them with clips to make sure they don't get in the way.
Step 2: Apply bleach mixture
 Mix equal parts professional developer and bleaching powder in a mixing bowl.
Remember to mix well until you reach the desired consistency or until there are no lumps left in the bowl.
Step 3: Gently dab bleach on the lace
 Using a blender brush, gently dab the bleach onto the lace. If you apply too much force to the lace, the bleach mixture will seep through and bleach the hair.
Step 4: Cover the front wig with lace in foil
Remember to apply enough bleach to the lace to make sure you whiten all the knots. After you're done applying the bleach, wrap the front wig with lace in foil.
 Step 5: Rinse the bleach off in time
Remember to hold the bleach until the knots on the lace are no longer visible. Wait for the buttons to turn honey yellow then rinse off the bleach. This is important because you want to wait until your lace turns yellow, otherwise you will end up with a copper lace wig. Quickly rinse the lace from the inside out to prevent the mixture from sticking to the hair.
Step 6: Wash and condition the lace wig
After rinsing the lace fabric, wash it again with a neutral shampoo to stop the chemical treatment. Let the shampoo set for 5 to 10 minutes, then rinse. Next, condition your lace wig to keep it from drying out.
Step 7: Drying the wig with natural human hair lace

Do not dry the wig with a hair dryer. It can dry out the hair and damage the hair and lace ends. Gently squeeze excess water from the wig and use a dry towel to absorb excess water into the hair (do not wring or twist). Let the wig air dry naturally. Place in a ventilated place, avoid damaging your hair by exposure to the sun. Do not place your hair wig near high temperatures.


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